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Reference Nº 342

  • Location: ROCHA
  • Area: 286.6 acres
  • Price per acre: USD 1,619
  • Total approx. amount: USD 464,000
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Farm at only 6 kmts. from the city of CHUY, on the border with Brazil.and 340 kmts from Montevideo. Access to the farm on country road in excellent condition, 3 kmts from highway Nº 19. Has no buildings, but a very good water well. Cattle managing equipment, except cattle shipping deck. No electric power . Wire fences in very good condition, almost all of them new. Some of them are electrified, where it is possible.
Water supply: Water pond in the highest part of the land, and water well with pump. The farm is adjacent to a stream and is also crossed by another stream, both connected to the big "Laguna Merin", thus assuring very good conditions for cattle raising.
There are three wire fenced pastures. No storehouses.
Native forests grow close to the streams, and on the high part of the field there is a forest of Eucalyptus. The farm has been used for cattle breeding, raising and fattening. No agriculture has ever been done. The prairie is totally natural.