Land Characteristics

Uruguayan lands are generally formed by a combination of several pieces of land with different productivity indexes, each of them potentially suitable for different purposes.
Land productivity is measured in Uruguay by an index called "Coneat".
Each uniform piece of land is assigned a "pure" Coneat Index, according to its soil quality. Consequently, some land for sale may be formed by several smaller pieces with different Coneat indexes each. The overall Average Coneat Index (ACI) will be the result of calculating the weighted average of all the pieces within the whole land put on sale.
This average index is an indicator of the land productivity taken as a whole.

Land type Characteristics
Land with an ACI less than 80 Principally suited for forestry
Land with an ACI between 80 and 120 Principally suited for cattle breeding
Land with an ACI higher than 120 Principally suited for agriculture
Due to the fact that Uruguayan lands are generally formed by various types of soils with different Coneat Indexes, a whole land may be simultaneously used to breed cattle, grow cereals and plant trees.
That is why the ACI gives an idea of the best suited activity for such land.