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We select the ranches that better comply with your specifications.
Administrative, Accounting, Fiscal and Legal advice related with land ownership.You can be free of worries about a proper administration of your land. We take care of accounting, tax payment, wages calculation and payment, etc, through an associated professional bureau.
The great current challenge of the agricultural establishments is to optimize their production. Today they are facing many challenges, including profitability, competitiveness and globalization, changes in speed, adaptability, growth, technology. To achieve this goal it is necessary to address the business from a perspective of strategic planning, which involves the application of techniques and theories based on a thorough knowledge and practical experience in the management of establishments from technical, economic, commercial and administrative standpoints.

We advise institutions and agricultural enterprises in optimizing its management and the development and implementation of quality management systems, with the aim of improving the profitability of the different operations put under our supervision.

We provide the best local advice to obtain the highest profitability of your land.

Complete range of professional services to optimize your agricultural production

  • Management and Administration of agricultural establishments with an integrated approach:
    • Organization of the property, operation and maintenance of management equipment.
    • Physical production records.
    • Economic development and budgetary control, cash flows (past and future).
    • Records and periodic reports, financial control monitoring, potential risk alerts, their solutions and recommendations.
    • Management of breeding livestock, fattening control, dairy cattle and sheep herds.
    • Sanitary animal supervision and pasture management.
    • Personnel selection and management.
    • Handling transportation of herds (essential in many farms).
    • Control of cattle stock and equipment and tools inventories.
    • Control of commercial transactions (buying and selling of cattle, goods and services).
  • Implementation of QMS (Quality Management System): Certified Natural Beef Program of Uruguay, ISO9001-2000; EUREPGAP.
  • Animal Health: Technical diagnosis and strategic planning with technical, economic and financial advice.
  • Investment projects: Formulation, analysis, implementation and administration.
  • Personal presence in farm business and transactions: buying and selling of land, livestock, goods, services.

How we work

  • Strategic planning - parallel to a preliminary field work (is being built in an interactive fashion with work).
  • Analysis SWOT Matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and situational diagnosis during operations in the field.
  • Strengthening weaknesses and strengthening strength in the following aspects: technical, economic, administrative and commercial.
  • Applying techniques adapted to the diagnosed situation.
  • Selection of technological packages defined by the situational diagnosis, and their adaptation to endogenous and exogenous changes in the market.

Why us?

  • We offer a totally free visit of your establishment, in order to analyze how we can contribute with our experience to improve your business performance.

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