Uruguay: Agrobusiness

In a more and more competitive world where food demand is remarkably increasing and world production continues to be scarce, an Uruguayan partner in the agrobusiness sector is, no doubt, an excellent choice for those enterprises present at the international market.

The sector offers a wide range of business opportunities, each one of them with a particular attraction: trade exchange (supplying capacity of a large variety of products in opposition to the north hemisphere seasonal period), and direct investment in the primary and industrial stages are just some of the many opportunities provided by the sector. Tendencies, nowadays, within business circles designed towards strategic alliances have found in Uruguay completely open business people for that purpose.

Why is it like this? Nature has been tremendously generous with Uruguay. The plentiful resources existing make possible a natural food production, characteristic of the agriculture and cattle raising system of the country. This aspect may be strengthened thanks to the quality of available human resources, most of which have combined the new production techniques with knowledge and tradition inherited from European immigrants to the successive generations.

Source: Portal del Estado Uruguayo, Uruguay XXI: PromociĆ³n de Inversiones y Exportaciones, Marzo de 2006